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I have had pretty good insurance for a hefty premium for four of the last 5 years. I was priced out of the market in 2008 at $5200 per month for 3 because I had cancer 12 years ago.

I'm rather healthy....non-smoker, exercise regularly.....however bones suffered some damage from chemo medication......Ambetter cut me off in the middle of a 6 treatment course even thought their directory states Prolia as a specialty medication. They assured me they would pay for this drug. We paid a hefty premium to them last year and now they are trying to auto-enroll us for $39 a month. It is not worth it for the headache.

I paid $507 a month for 9 months last year. This felt like a scam. The other actual insurance companies on the exchange provided as their directory provided. Ambetter did not even have an oncologist listed in the state of Georgia and wanted me to beg doctors to accept them.

I reported them to the insurance commissioner and provided the directory list from Ambetter's website. I will pay the penalty in 2018 rather than deal with this sham. America should not pay $1100 per month in subsidy money to this sham for 2 adults.

Has America gone crazy? No choice-no monopoly=me no pay....Veronica at customer service said she knew Ambetter would not pay...

Product or Service Mentioned: Ambetter Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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