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Just like other reviews this insurance is accepted my no doctor, you will have 30 results come up and only 1 takes this insurance. This is fraud!!!

I asked the specialist that were on my list and they said they never took this insurance at all. Yes the detail search provider provides incorrect names, phone numbers and then you call and 99% say no they do not take this insurance. Do not bother getting this insurance, you are wasting your time calling each place and then to be turned down by each one, really misleading, fraud company.

All other reviews are true. You will see.

Review about: Ambetter Health Insurance.

Reason of review: Not as described.

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I totally agree with this poster. This has been my exact experience and it is so frustrating.

How can they list drs not on their plan. They list a dr. as nearby. I'm in Dallas, Houston is not nearby.

El Paso is not nearby. We pay $500/month so we can get discounted meds.

to Daliah #1515549

I live in Chicago and all the Drs listed in Chicago don't take this but will give me suggestions for Indiana. I don't drive, I take public transportation.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1299395

I can't find a doctor! I believe they only take JPS!

So that means I'm paying insurance so I can can go to state funded assistance medical system.

That's what I get for going through the health market. I would of been better getting my own insurance I can actually use in Texas!

San Antonio, Texas, United States #1293454

I just got this insurance through health market place. Every Dr.

I call is turning this down.

Not accepting this insurance. WHY?

to Anonymous Bedford, Texas, United States #1298899

My husband and I just started Ambetter, and it has the best customer service I have ever received from an insurance company thus far. We stated it at the beginning of the year.

We called to find doctors that would take it with an representative.. She looked at the list of doctors in our area and called them to verify that they took the insurance before she gave us the name. This was excellent customer service. My husband loves his doctor!

He loved his doctor before we got on Ambetter as well; however he feels that the change is a blessing from God. Well at least that the way he feels right now. We will see how thing goes.

Now don't have an attitude and call Ambetter and ask them to find you a doctor in your area. I hope you receive the same customer service that we did and you will be happy.

God Bless!

to Anonymous Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1299550

Could you tell me what Doc near Bedford takes this insurance? I've only found JPS who can't see me till July...

oh wait, they moved it to end of May since I take life saving meds and am out due to not finding a doctor. I feel so much safer with it being only 3 months away. Every time I call in (without an attitude) they continue to provide me the same doctors as shows on their website that I have already called. Not to mention that the closest Endocrinologist is 189 miles away (if they even take the insurance) from Fort Worth.

Hubby had back surgery end of December and there are no Physical Therapists that take it either. He's about to lose his job over this because he needs the PT before returning to work, but can't find one.

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